This Hand-made, Low Rise, Orange with Pink Trim Skirt Outfit is Fully Adjustable and Made to Fit Many Sizes 

Skirt Outfit

SKU: 1032
  • Features
    - crocheted with a soft, orange 100% acrylic yarn
    -  trimmed with soft pink 100% acrylic yarn
    - 3 ties in the back
    - skirt and top are fully adjustable to fit many sizes


    Outfit Measurements
    - bra – fits size 32-36 (size A, B or C)
    - hip size – fits 40” (up to lg)
    - hip band length is 5”
    - total length 13”


    About this Outfit
    This skirt has three ties that tie up in the back. It can stretch to 40” around the hips and can be pulled tighter to accommodate any size smaller. The smaller the size the more ruffled waist line as opposed to laying flat and smooth.


    This top ties in the back like a bikini top, around the rib cage and around the neck.


    This outfit is see thru, as it is crocheted.


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