How to Clean and Care
for Your Faux Fur Clothing

  • Faux or fake fur garments take a bit of extra care to keep them looking their best.

  • While many faux fur garments may have a tag that recommends dry cleaning only, faux fur can be cleaned at home.

  • If you do decide to take it to a dry cleaner, make sure that the cleaner is well-trained to help insure they won't damage your garment.



The best choice for washing faux fur items is hand washing. For large items the cleaning can be done in a large plastic storage container or bathtub.

Use cool water and a very small amount of gentle detergent (Woolite). If washing out playa dust, add distilled vinegar to help cut thru the dust.

Swish the fur through the water for no more than 10 or 15 minutes and avoid excessive agitation and wringing. Rinse well with clear water. Roll in a large towel to absorbed excess water. It may take several attempts and several towels depending on how large the garment it.


Machine Washing

Surprise! Faux fur can be washed in the machine. Don’t just haphazardly throw it in, though.

If you decide to wash the faux fur in a washing machine, use a high efficiency washer on the gentle cycle
for best results.

          A high efficiency washer (front loading or top loading) is much less harmful to faux fur

          because the agitation is gentler. If you have a standard top load washer, seriously

          consider hand washing the faux fur by hand.

Be sure to set your washing machine to delicate and wash with cold water and a delicate/mild, color safe detergent, like Woolite. If you are trying to get out Playa Dust, add distilled vinegar to help cut thru the dust. Turn your garment inside out to help reduce friction. Fill the washer half way. Place the fake fur garment in the washer. Add more water, if necessary to cover the entire garment. Allow the faux fur to soak in the water and detergent solution for 15 mins. Do not soak longer or you may damage the faux fur’s backing fabric. Wash it by itself. Faux fur can shed, and that means you’ll want to keep it separate from your other garments.

After 15 minutes, set the washer to drain and spin. Switch to the rinse cycle and allow the washer to fill with cool water. Do not allow the machine to agitate. Drain and spin again. I you fell the garment needs an additional rinse, do so at this time. Again, no agitation, just spinning!

How to Dry Faux Fur Garments

DO NOT put your faux fur in the clothes dryer. NO dryers period. Don’t even think about it. Not even on low heat.

          Heat from the clothes dryer WILL MELT the faux fur fibers and cause the fibers to fuse

          together becoming matted. Once this happens, there is little to be done that can reverse

          the damage.

Roll the garment in a thick towel to absorb the left-over moisture, two or three times, if necessary. Use an indoor drying rack to dry the garment flat with a fan to speed up the drying process. Or, cut open a couple of large plastic garbage bags, lay them out flat on the ground outside and lay your garment flat on the bags to dry, but not in the direct sunlight. When dry turn over to dry the other side. It may take 24 to 48 hours to dry completely. Do not wear until the faux fur is completely dry. Do Not hang dry because the weight of the wet faux fur will pull and distort the shape of the garment.


How to Smooth and Fluff Your Faux Fur

You can fluff up the faux fur by brushing gently with metal brush used for brushing a dog. A soft bristled brush may make it look frizzy. I have also used a vacuum cleaner to fluff it up. But Do Not the head of the vacuum. Take it off and carefully use the pole of the vacuum, this will help keep the garment from getting tangled into the vacuum.


Suggestions for Faux Fur Storage

It is very important to store your faux fur where it can stay dry and away from humidity. Faux fur can get wet, since it is made of synthetic fibers, but the humidity can make it frizz up, which won’t look good. Pack faux fur garments in something like a garment bag or plastic container with a lid is ideal. Do not store somewhere that has constant, direct sunlight. Over-exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration to any fabric and can ruin the fabric fibers.

In a Shorter Summary…

when washing faux fur/garments, turn garment inside out, machine wash with cold water and gentle detergent, then air dry flat and make sure your garment is safely tucked away in the dark until you’re ready to wear it again!


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